“Santa, I did it for you!”


While we’re all gathered for Christmas dinner, we’re looking at the door full with excitement and eagerness. The door is opening and Santa is entering the room. We were all expecting this moment. My son sees him and with a tremor in his voice says: “Santa, I did it for you!”

Christmas tree

Every year, we celebrate Christmas together with our family, at my parents’ house. We share gifts, eat, drink and we talk about last year’s best moments. The Christmas of 2015 was a little different. This year, Santa was stopping by our house to share our Christmas presents, especially our son’s.

Few days before Christmas, I decided it was time to decorate our Christmas tree together with my son. The tree was already in its usual place, so I called my son and told him: “Let’s decorate the Christmas tree for Santa!” He was very happy to participate in this “adventure” of colorful Christmas baubles, tinsels and other tree decorations. He studied every single bauble, wanting to help in every way he could.

This was the first time he understood what Christmas really means. What we didn’t realize then, was that for him it had a deeper meaning. All that he knew was that he was decorating the Christmas tree for Santa to come and sit by it. If we didn’t have a Christmas tree, Santa wouldn’t come.

We considered that our son was old enough (being almost three years old) to meet Santa Claus, so we asked my husband’s brother to dress like Santa and bring us joy for ten minutes in our house. Of course, he gladly accepted and we couldn’t wait for the big moment to come, imagining how we would all laugh, knowing this little secret.

So, the most awaited moment came and he was in our house. As he entered the door, my son was filled with emotions. His whole body was shaking and, taking my mother’s hand he says: “Santa, I did it for you!” , looking at the Christmas tree.

I realized it then. Decorating the Christmas tree had a much more meaning to him than we realized.

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I could write so much about fire right now, but it would involve a LOT OF PAIN!

I could write about the terrorism attacks in Paris or I could remind you of the Fire from #Colectiv club, but the article would be filled with sorrow and tears.

So, I decided I won’t elaborate too much on this subject. Not now.



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The Air that surrounds us

The air that surrounds us

I’ve decided that I should write down my thoughts as often as I can. Just sit down in my quiet place and write. No edits. Just my words.

So, I should find a lot of topics. But I decided to begin with some basic ideas. What about the elements of nature? I will try and write about the elements of nature: air, water, earth and fire.

I am in one of my favorite coffee shops, drinking my tea, eating some buttery croissants and writing. So, let’s begin!

Everybody knows that we need the air to live. Without it we would die. Thinking about it, air has to do with everything we do in life. Something that is literally invisibile, it’s actually so “present” to us.

I am walking in the mall and somebody just walks wright near me and I feel a fresh, yet floral, perfume in the air. The air just showed me what perfume that person was wearing.

I am outside in the park with my son. We’re picking some fall leaves and we play with them. Suddenly the air indicates to us that we should change the place we are playing in. There is a nasty odor of dog poop. Eewww. We leave the place.

While I do my walk on the beach I can feel a light breeze of salty air all around me. It’s so peaceful. All I can hear are the waves of the sea.

There’s a lot more to say about the air that surrounds us. How it helps you smell fresh coffee in the morning when you pass by a coffee shop. How it brings you the beautiful smell of mother’s cake when she opens the oven or the smell of fresh cut grass in the park.

That’s it for today!

See you soon,



Good morning! Coffee anyone?

Good morning Coffee anyoneOk. I’ll admit it. I’m not a morning coffee person. Not at all. To some, coffee is an essential drug, it’s their energizer, to get them through the day. For me, coffee it’s just a nice, sweet method to having little chatty times with friends and family.
I am not a morning person at all. I wake up after hitting snooze at least 3 times on my alarm mobile application (I tend to be a little dependent on my mobile phone). I find my way to the bathroom almost like I would be blind. Then I go to my beautiful son and try to wake him up, even if I am not totally awake. I kiss my husband goodbye when he goes to his job. As I drive my son to kindergarten I start to feel myself alive, I start to wake up. But the real thing that makes me feel really awake is my tea, my black tea. I am not a coffee person, but I could say that I am a tea person. I LOVE tea and its diverse aromas.
Tea in the morning
My black tea gives me my necessary dose of caffeine. It’s my much-needed energizer. Without it, I could not start my day. Of course, there are days when I don’t drink my morning tea, but I don’t feel like myself the whole day. If I don’t drink it in the morning, I sometimes drink it when I have the chance during the day and I start feeling more alive after I do.
This doesn’t mean that I don’t drink coffee. I drink coffee from time to time, but not as my daily morning booster. I like my coffee to be sweet (I like to have a little bit more sugar in my drinks). When I need an evening booster and I know I have to finish a project by the next day I’ll have a strong espresso. When I just want a coffee flavour I’ll have a cappuccino. And I must tell you that my favorite place to drink my coffee is at the coffee shop or on my balcony in the summer breeze.
So, tea is what makes me start my day and coffee is my late energizer.



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