“Santa, I did it for you!”


While we’re all gathered for Christmas dinner, we’re looking at the door full with excitement and eagerness. The door is opening and Santa is entering the room. We were all expecting this moment. My son sees him and with a tremor in his voice says: “Santa, I did it for you!”

Christmas tree

Every year, we celebrate Christmas together with our family, at my parents’ house. We share gifts, eat, drink and we talk about last year’s best moments. The Christmas of 2015 was a little different. This year, Santa was stopping by our house to share our Christmas presents, especially our son’s.

Few days before Christmas, I decided it was time to decorate our Christmas tree together with my son. The tree was already in its usual place, so I called my son and told him: “Let’s decorate the Christmas tree for Santa!” He was very happy to participate in this “adventure” of colorful Christmas baubles, tinsels and other tree decorations. He studied every single bauble, wanting to help in every way he could.

This was the first time he understood what Christmas really means. What we didn’t realize then, was that for him it had a deeper meaning. All that he knew was that he was decorating the Christmas tree for Santa to come and sit by it. If we didn’t have a Christmas tree, Santa wouldn’t come.

We considered that our son was old enough (being almost three years old) to meet Santa Claus, so we asked my husband’s brother to dress like Santa and bring us joy for ten minutes in our house. Of course, he gladly accepted and we couldn’t wait for the big moment to come, imagining how we would all laugh, knowing this little secret.

So, the most awaited moment came and he was in our house. As he entered the door, my son was filled with emotions. His whole body was shaking and, taking my mother’s hand he says: “Santa, I did it for you!” , looking at the Christmas tree.

I realized it then. Decorating the Christmas tree had a much more meaning to him than we realized.

Photo Credit: strollerdos via Compfight cc