I need Water


  • A blue cool wave is coming towards me as I feel the breeze of fresh salty air through my hair. I dive into it and I start swimming, moving my arms through the powerful current of the sea water. I love the feeling. There are places where I feel colder water and other places with warm water.
  • As my son is deeply asleep I go and prepare myself a bubbly warm relaxing bath. I feel the water healing and hydrating me. It relaxes me. All my stress goes away and I feel so thankful for… water.
  • My son drinks a lot of water. And when I say a lot, it means a lot. I try and diversify with some tea or natural juice. He screams “NO, I want water!”. I hoped I’d be more like him. I don’t drink as much water, or I must confess I don’t drink water at all.

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