Bucharest Nightclub Fire – Hell on Earth

You probably already heard of the tragedy that hit a club in Bucharest on friday evening, October 30. If not, here is a brief summary on the news.

I woke up Saturday morning and, as usual, I was zapping through the TV channels., as I heard the NEWS: ‘Horrific Fire in a Nightclub – At least 27 people have been killed”. I was stunned. At this time, there are 30 people dead from the fire and 180 people are being treated in hospital. Some of these people have severe burns. There were 400 people attending the concert.

This is the worst incident in Romania in the last 20 years and it occurred during a concert by a rock band called Goodbye to Gravity. Two guitarists have died and the other members are in hospital with severe wounds from the horrific fire.

The band used a pyrotechnic display that went disastrously wrong. The polystyrene decor was on fire because of the fireworks used during the show. This caused a massive panic through the people. It was like a Halloween Movie (especially that this happened on full Halloween Season). Burned people trying to get outside screaming for help, asking for their friends that remained stuck in the nightclub. All of them were trying to stay alive.

I am now reflecting at my college years, when I went clubbing almost every weekend and I am asking myself: What if this happened to me? One of the nightclubs where I was going had only one door to get in and out and poor construction standards. What if I was in the same situation? I myself being a mother am reflecting and I feel these parents grief from losing a child in such a horrific way.

What did the witnesses, doctors and firemen saw there?  I don’t even want to know, really. I think it was like a zombie horror movie.

And just to think that one of the songs of Goodbye to Gravity was entitled “The way we day”.

May God be with them!


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