DIY Halloween crafted Haunted House

There are so many ways to spend time with your kids, getting ready for the Halloween Season.

Halloween should not include only spine tingling scary things, but it should also be a happy and fun time with our little ones. It’s time to bring out the kid in most of us and we can do this with some Halloween craft ideas for kids. So, I spent some quality time with my son crafting a fun Spooky Haunted House.

And guess what? It wasn’t as messy as I’d expected and my kid loved it.

I will share with you our little project, so you can too have some fun crafting together with your kids. Follow these step by step instructions to create a charming Haunted House and let’s do some Halloween crafting!

What you’ll need:

  • Cardboard;
  • Glue;
  • 5 x 4 cm long strings;
  • Acrylic paints;
  • 1 medium size brush;
  • 1 large brush;
  • 1 black ballpoint pen;
  • Scissors,
  • thicker paper of different colors.

Halloween Haunted House

First of all, you must draw the outline of the house on your cardboard. This way you will know exactly where to cut it. Now, let’s cut the cardboard and glue all the parts until the house it’s complete.Halloween Haunted House

It’s time to paint! Grab the large brush and use your black acrylic paint to paint the walls of the house. Leave blank spaces for the windows and the door. Let it dry! You can also paint another thicker cardboard with green paint, suggesting grass. We will use it a support for our haunted house.

After the painted walls are dry, paint the windows orange with grey border using the medium size brush. We’ll use the same orange color for
the roof top. I also suggested the tiles on the roof with black paint .

Glue the house on a the thicker cardboard you have already painted green.Halloween Haunted House

Next, I have drawn and cut out a ghost, a witch-cat, five bats and two pumpkins. The cat and the pumpkins were drawn on orange paper and the ghost on white paper, but you can also use other colors. The bats were cut out of the same cardboard I used for the house and painted black with a marker on each side. I also added the eyes with acrylic yellow paint. Use your imagination and add these decorations around the house using glue and strings. I used strings to hang some of the bats, so they seem like they fly around the haunted house.

Decorate the surroundings of the house with leaves and chestnuts. After all, it’s fall.Halloween Haunted House

Now enjoy the view. You have a Halloween Haunted House crafted together with your kids. What a great decoration idea, isn’t it?



Photo credit: Oana


How do I Manage my Kid’s Temper Tantrums

temper tantrumFor some time now, I am going through a very challenging period as a mother. My two and a half year old boy is having a lot of temper tantrum moments. I feel I’m having a meltdown. I’m going crazy and crazier. But I found some ways to manage this period and I want to share them with you. Maybe you will find them useful.

Here is an example of how I often start my day:

“It’s morning and my alarm clock app rings. I have to wake up my son and help him getting ready for kindergarten in half an hour, so my husband can take him on his way to work. While he sits on his potty I begin to dress him for kindergarten. Now the “brushing your teeth moment” comes. He doesn’t want to do it and so the kicking and screaming chaos begins. Sometimes he even hits me. My child seems out of his mind and the more he screams, the more I start to have my own meltdown. I scream back at him, yelling at him to stop kicking and to brush his teeth, but I don’t have such luck. Another day is starting and my son seems to make it worse. He goes to kindergarten without having his teeth cleaned.”

I feel like I’m going crazy with these temper tantrum moments. I know I have to be calmer. This way I can show him how to be calm as well. Me and my husband are the best examples for my kid. My self-control takes over me as I try really hard not to spank him. If I would spank him and hit him, I would show him that this type of behavior is ok and I don’t want that. I know I have a lot to learn, and find a better way to deal with these temper tantrums.

The thing is that my kid doesn’t know how to express his feelings and he shows when he’s upset or frustrated through these temper tantrums. I also see how my child wants more independence, more than he is capable of gaining. This must be frustrating. He just didn’t developed good coping skills, not just yet. I must teach him how to deal with frustration and, over time, this crazy period will decrease or, maybe, even end.

My kid started having these temper tantrums when we decided it was time to end the pacifier habit. Of course he had temper tantrums before, but the tantrums were easier to calm with the help of a pacifier.

I know that temper tantrums are a normal thing in the development of a child. I also know that some kids have tantrums often and other rarely. My son is one of the kids that have often tantrums. There is a long way before the tantrums will decrease in intensity and will end. I expect that this will happen around age 4.

Here are some rules to take into account that will help in avoiding and managing these tantrums that worked for me:

  • Pay attention to your kid’s activity. Praise him when he is good and give him positive attention.
  • If he wants control, give him control. Of course not for dangerous stuff, but give him control over little things. Let him make minor choices. For example, in the morning he could choose what to drink, tea or milk.
  • Offer him a distraction. Offer him something else in place of what he can’t have, a new activity instead of the forbidden one.
  • Be careful and observe your child’s limits. If he is too tired, don’t take him shopping.
  • DON’T GIVE IN. I find this rule to be the most important one. Kids tend to always test your limits. Do not reward his behavior by giving in. This will only show him that the tantrum was effective. After he calmed down, give him a hug and show him that he is loved.

As your child will learn to communicate better and cope with frustration, we will all be happier parents.



Photo Credit: sean dreilinger via Compfight cc

Good morning! Coffee anyone?

Good morning Coffee anyoneOk. I’ll admit it. I’m not a morning coffee person. Not at all. To some, coffee is an essential drug, it’s their energizer, to get them through the day. For me, coffee it’s just a nice, sweet method to having little chatty times with friends and family.
I am not a morning person at all. I wake up after hitting snooze at least 3 times on my alarm mobile application (I tend to be a little dependent on my mobile phone). I find my way to the bathroom almost like I would be blind. Then I go to my beautiful son and try to wake him up, even if I am not totally awake. I kiss my husband goodbye when he goes to his job. As I drive my son to kindergarten I start to feel myself alive, I start to wake up. But the real thing that makes me feel really awake is my tea, my black tea. I am not a coffee person, but I could say that I am a tea person. I LOVE tea and its diverse aromas.
Tea in the morning
My black tea gives me my necessary dose of caffeine. It’s my much-needed energizer. Without it, I could not start my day. Of course, there are days when I don’t drink my morning tea, but I don’t feel like myself the whole day. If I don’t drink it in the morning, I sometimes drink it when I have the chance during the day and I start feeling more alive after I do.
This doesn’t mean that I don’t drink coffee. I drink coffee from time to time, but not as my daily morning booster. I like my coffee to be sweet (I like to have a little bit more sugar in my drinks). When I need an evening booster and I know I have to finish a project by the next day I’ll have a strong espresso. When I just want a coffee flavour I’ll have a cappuccino. And I must tell you that my favorite place to drink my coffee is at the coffee shop or on my balcony in the summer breeze.
So, tea is what makes me start my day and coffee is my late energizer.



Photo credit:
elPadawan via Compfight cc
BohemianTraveler via Compfight cc

Who am I?

Have you ever asked yourself Who am I? What makes me happy? What is my goal in life?

Well, if you did and found the answers to these important questions, then you are one of the lucky ones.

It’s all about discovering who you really are. I’m still discovering. I know that I am creative in a lot of forms. My creativity is the thing that drives me day by day. I express my creativity in my drawing, my painting and my writing. I express my creativity through art. I express my creativity through… me.

I will reveal in this blog everything I am and am not. It’s title already suggests it. I am the proud mother of a two-year-old precious boy, the wife of the most loving husband, the daughter of the most kind and supporting parents and I am surrounded by the most wonderful people and friends.

This is my personal blog. You will find here details from my day to day life, my parenting battles, my money-making ideas.

So, who am I?

Stick around and find out!